Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Things

Yesterday was a good day. It allowed me to believe that good things are about to happen. I had a hard time getting out there to start digging yesterday. A mental battle ensued. I lost. So, I ended up out in the tall grass digging fence post holes again. I had just finished up my first hole of the day when my neighbor pulled into the yard. He inquired into my activities. I told him, rather proudly, that I had just finished up my twentieth post hole.

"Well, what did ya' do that for?"

"I need to put up some decent fence for a change."

"You DO know there is a tractor down the road with a post hole auger on the back of it?"

I did know that but I hadn't seen our neighbor, or his wife, since May. I had made the assumption, probably as the result of my dysfunctional family background, that he was extremely pissed off at me. I hadn't figured out what I had done wrong, but in my family, doing something wrong had little to do with a person's feelings toward you. So now what?....... I lied.

"I just thought you were real busy or you'd hurt yourself again. After all, I hadn't seen you all summer."

Well, more country banter ensued, the upshot of which is that neighbor Dan had me start every hole that I wanted and he would be over today and we would finish up the holes with his tractor.

I worked straight through. Forgot about lunch. Forgot to drink. Did lots and lots of measuring... actually got a blister on my finger from rolling up the 100 ft. tape measure. Twenty seven additional post holes have been started. I need a few more but there's no point right now as I don't have the necessary gates. Actually, I don't have any gates but that is something that I hope to change soon.

There is a chance of rain today. An increased chance for the rest of the week. But I hope we can make this happen. I am in dire need of some good things. This will be a very, very good thing.


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