Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside...

Okay it probably isn't all that cold, but we have gone from upper eighties and ninety degree weather to temperatures around 68 degrees. Night temperatures in the forties. Nothing like a temperature drop to make you say, "Holy Shit! I'm not ready!!"

The good news is that yesterday was one of those days loaded with minor miracles. The weather started off as an issue. Gray, too cool and drizzly rain. At noon it cleared off and Neighbor Dan came to help me with fencing. I probably don't work hard enough. We ended up putting in only three hours but I was bushed. All but one post got pulled. All of them were reset. Out of twenty open holes only five remain open.

Kate and I had done our work in clearing brush and we will have a fairly easy job of getting in and cutting more posts. Post cutting should take place on either Sunday or Monday. Another miracle.

I'm not very sure which way to turn next. I need supplies for about any task I set my hand to. I just keep waiting for the hay to be cut so I have a bit of money. As soon as it is cut I will get Neighbor Dan's supply of cow manure and start spreading it out on the hayfield and the garden. I am ridiculously excited about this. Most people don't see the miracle of poo, but it will change my life! It will enrich the soil. Build mushroom beds and give me wonderful tomatoes next year. It has to be well spread before the ground freezes... that's for my benefit... not the manure's. Want to get it done before I need to be working out there with heated socks!

With the chill, the race is on! I want to get cuttings from some of my tomatoes. Still need to finish trim. Still need to fix the roof vent so it doesn't suck in snow. Still need to finish my windows. Still would like to get my outdoor fireplace built.... dare I say, my oven as well? I really, really need a shed! Of course, still at the top of the list, my fencing.

So for today I will try to burn a ginormous brush pile in the hope that I can clear things out enough to get to more posts. Not exactly what I wanted, but I do have matches already purchased! Perhaps I'll get a big enough fire going to rally against the chill.


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