Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Plan

The plan continues to come along. It continues to be enriched. We have three sides, the farm itself, the small business and the horses. Right now, it is the horses that have my attention.

As I try to make my big picture happen for the horses... the Parelli center, rotational grazing with premium pasture and good, safe fencing, facets continue to be added. The plan seems to be unfolding now of it's own accord. I just need to keep up.

The time must be ripe because Mac has agreed to trying the mustang halter project. So, now the next evolution to the plan is to add mustang pens. Today it has finally clicked on where those should go. It will flow right in with the rest of the horse facility, as if it was the plan all along. The cogs of the universe click together.

I suppose I should feel excited. I don't. I feel like I am plodding into the next step. I am exhausted this morning but I feel resolute in the path that I need to take.... mustangs are coming to the Renaissance Woman Farm.

It's the right thing to do.


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