Friday, September 2, 2011

Good News

I have been watching the hay bale dwindle. It has been causing a bit of a panic to be honest. The heat and the rain has kicked in again so the digging post holes by hand has slowed to a snail's pace ( not that I was quick in the first place) The worry over being able to be ready for winter has been eating away at me... again. I feared that terror had taken up residence in the pit of my stomach.... again.

Then the good news came. Well, first there was the bad news. Mac's insurance company had refused to pay his mileage reimbursement for the trips to Iowa City during and after the transplant. We were needing that money. We needed to buy insurance, catch up a payment, pay taxes... The money was critical and they wouldn't pay. Not only that but they didn't notify us. We had to make calls to find someone who could tell us that we were being shafted.

Of course... I had rage.

I contacted Senator Harkin's office. I didn't really expect anything. I did however want to fly a red flag to him that this company cheated people and they should be watched. I wanted that juvenile sense of justice.... I wanted to go TELL on the insurance company. We had paperwork to fill out which is always disheartening, but I got it done.

THEN the good news. We just got a letter from the insurance company. "After an investigation requested by The Honorable Senator Harkin's office we have found that you are entitled to mileage, meal and hotel reimbursements". Once again I have to go through a huge stack of paperwork to get all of the dates of trips to Iowa City, but at least it should go through now. I will send copies of everything to Harkin's office just in case.

There won't be any larking about money here. We still have to pay bills, taxes and since it has all taken so long, there will probably be penalties as well. Still have to catch up payments, especially the Dr as we were told they might refuse treatment now due to non-payment. I do want to take two hundred dollars and buy a roll of fencing and some grass seed for the hay field. The hay field will have to bring in some money next year.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be a little money to pay a neighbor to come out and auger out some post holes for me. Now THAT would be some good news!!


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