Monday, August 2, 2010


I have known for some time now that my mom is a little bit nuts. A little bit nuts you can deal with. With age, affliction and the general inability to stay upright, the nuts wears on you more.

I have to admire the precise crazy person. Find your crazy story and stick to it. Tell everybody the exact same crazy story. Then at least people can enjoy you. There is something about folks who think they are aliens, or Teddy Roosevelt or who can see giant pookas that draw the sane in. They are endearing and almost hopeful to be around. They create their own reality and they are capable of functioning in their world.

My family? Hell no! We can't be fun crazy. We have to be manipulative crazy. There has to be DRAMA!! I feel like I am the Joe Friday of the family...."Just the facts, Ma'am" I was pretty much disowned by one branch of the family as I cannot seem to play the game. Let me tell you, being disowned is not what it's cracked up to be..... IT'S BETTER!!

I can look at my life and very definitely say that it has enough bumpy spots. Does anybody really feel that they need to manufacture more?! That's just lunacy! Oh yeah that's right! I'M DEALING WITH CRAZY PEOPLE HERE!!

I'm going to just figure that the crazy gene will really kick in at some time. So I want to shape that alter reality now. I don't want to be horrible and have people afraid to visit me or compare stories behind my back. I want to be FUN crazy! I want to spend my senility in tree houses. Playing with my horses and pretending to be a pioneer. When I die I want to have my grand children and great grand children to hang out and tell fun, happy stories. When they shed a tear I want them to say, "We're really going to miss Grandma Warrior Woman" and with any great luck, they will mean it.


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  1. Your post made me think of this poem, my mum quite regularly quotes it!

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