Monday, August 9, 2010


I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about fences. Fences take up so much in the line of resources, labor and money. So much of what I want to do is dependent on fences. I was recently visiting with someone about horsemanship. they wanted to know where I was working with my horse, Pip. I told them I was working with her in one of the smaller lots. It measure about 120 ft. square. "There's your problem!" , he said, "What you want for starting is a forty foot round pen." Well of course I want a forty foot round pen!! I also want a fifty-five foot round pen and a seventy foot round pen. I want those three round pens in a pasture with a small pound and a bunch of logs to jump over and some tire pedestals. I want some tractor tires set up as a permanent squeeze obstacle. I want to have a tether ball set in each pasture so a horse can play even if I'm not around. Go ahead and laugh but I have theories about how this might affect the well being of a horse. I'll update you when I do this.... but first there are fences to be concerned with.

I think I have beat this topic up until there is no other way to attack it. Of the things that you need for fencing... resources, labor and money. I figure to accomplish this task, I will need two of any of the things. I maybe, kind of have one... resources. But I can't find the labor to cut down my resources and I don't have the money to pay them anyway. My frustration grows. I'm getting really tired of being the only person here trying to make things happen. Tired of being broke. Tired of what money we do have going to trips to the Dr. Tired of bill collectors. Tired of not seeing any thing improving. I have flashes of rage when I see other people hire excavating equipment to do a job that takes me weeks and they have it done in thirty minutes.

Today I really feel like my sense of humor and my imagination are letting me down. Something has to get better today. I don't know how but something has to get better today.



  1. Ahhh Louie! Don't we all know about the dudes with fancy tractors... I remember feeling the same way as you do when we were harvesting our hay by hand, and our neighbours got theirs done in the space of a week with all their machinery!! But y'know, our neighbours didn't experience any of the fun of playing with scythes, and getting their hands dirty... lifestyle rather than quick-fixes, huh?!

    By the way, I'm now following you on my personal blog, too!

    Parelli Central

  2. I want my round pens so badly, it hurts! I was thinking that if I rent a sod cutter and get the grass up. Then I could borrow the neighbors tiller to soften up the dirt enough that I can shovel it out and level it by hand . Then I just need the sand. It seems like a plan anyway.

    I have been a little fearful of calling around to the rental centers to see about availability and price. Everything seems soo possible until you find out about availability and price. I like living where I believe things are possible.