Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have issues with varmints. The two worst varmints that I deal with here are mice and deer. The last few days the temperatures have dipped and we have gotten a break from the heat. It has been so nice! I have been able to get back outside and get some things done. Walked the hayfield yesterday and picked up trash that had blown in. Mended a fence. Moved the horses, as Chloe the pony had gotten bold enough to take chunks of fur out of Pip. Worked on filling in holes in the yard and filled in the last of the trench.

But the down side of a just right day is a cool night. Last night it got down to a very refreshing 52 degrees. This morning I had a mouse in the house. Apparently it was just a little too refreshing for it. The first trap of the season has been set. These are really the only things I dislike about living in the country, mice and deer.

Mice are just mini rats and deer are woods rats. Do mice have some sort of almost mystical ability to find the correct drawer to poop on your silverware? Little bastards! Silverware and the clean towels. No!! Don't poop on the dirty towel that is lying on the floor in front of the washer, ready for it's turn to be sanitized. Find the clean towels! Poop on them! Little disease mongers!

Then the deer... No! don't be content with the woods and my grass! Eat off the tops of the fifty sugar maples I planted. Eat all two hundred pines and firs! Don't worry that they would have provided you with a better home, a better environment, cleaner air. Sure the DNR said to just make a slit and pop them in... that would have been nice, but NO!!! I got the trees with the over developed root systems. I had to dig 250 friggin' holes! All I accomplished was keeping their meal fresh!

Yup, live in the country for awhile and you're cheering when Bambi's mother gets shot, and you're hoping that Cinderella's mice cut off their wee heads while sewing. Of course, she would like the mice... they are pooping on her step mothers silverware.

Okay, I am off now. I'm going to fix myself another cup of coffee and wait for the SNAP!


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