Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comfort Zone

Kind of like bad attitude and body odor, everybody has got a comfort zone. My comfort zone has become the little farm. But it isn't quite the comfortable way that I want it. You see, I was very taken with some pictures I had seen of English, Irish and French countryside, and it was a bit of an epiphany for me. As if I had found something that I had known was lost. It became clear then just what my home, my comfort zone should look like. The land is well on it's way there.

There isn't much here as far as flat spots go. They are hills, undulating, like a reclining nude. The trees skirt the edges like a frame. I will add the hedgerows. They are the dark accents that draw attention to, it seems to me, the movement of the land.

Any buildings here will have to be married to the land. Long , low and earthy. There will be no metal pole buildings, no tin roofs.

Part of maintaining a comfort zone is a matter of personal space. Not everyone is invited here. Not everyone has the capacity to add to the peaceful feeling that pervades here. Maybe I just feel that way because I perceive it as *MY* land. I have fulfilled the unwritten law requirement.... I have peed in the shrubberies over a hundred times. The Queen and the land are one!

This little piece of land has done so much ... it makes me feel safe, it definitely has added to the body odor, and it has gone a long way to improve my bad attitude. Yup, it's good to be the Queen!!


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