Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The return of the to-do list

Today is the first day of school for Mac. It is one of three teachers only days. There will be a couple of folks in to speak to them. One is typically a "Glory Hallelujah" get them inspired type and the next will be someone who shakes the fist of doom. Usually in that order as well. God forbid they should leave feeling good. So that is the beginning of the emotional roller coaster that makes up the school year.

As for me? It marks the return of the to-do list. WOO-HOO!! While the list has occasionally been a cruel master, it beats spending the summer in the house, having Mac tell me it's too hot to do anything. Feel free to add a whiney tone to that. No rain today. The sun is shining. I have a full tank in the mower. I have barrels that are begging to be cut into compost bins. A cabinet door to be hung. Laundry! A to-do list in my left hand and an axe in my right. (okay, okay, I don't actually have an axe in my right hand. I couldn't type that way. It's a metaphor! for pete's sake However I do have an axe. All real women do.)

Oddly enough, the only task on my to-do list that bothers me is the number one spot.... do dishes. Grrrr. I hate doing dishes. Surely there is manure or something I can shovel instead. Oh well, you take the good with the bad. I'll crank up the tunes and clear out the house stuff while the dew is drying and then I'll get outdoors and kick some to-do list ass! If I am a good girl, and get my work done, I'll reward myself by going down into the brushy bits and starting a fire. I like fires. I must of had a distant relative that burnt down small thatched villages and I got the gene.

(sigh) It's good to be back at it.



  1. Ohhh... so THAT'S what I need to get in order to be fully accomplished... forget big cowboy hats, I need to buy an axe!

    Have fun knocking away at the to-do list ;)

    Parelli Central

  2. Oh Louie, I just LOVE your blog! I spend the last hour reading it and it was just what I needed to hear and read. What an inspiration you are! Thank you for putting down your thoughts in words!

  3. Oh Golly! Don't say that! I have just found that blogging and hard physical labor are better for you then therapists. And don't discard the worth of big hats.... and sex pants. when your my age and girth, you will be sorry you didn't try them on like that at least once when you were young and had firm thighs.

  4. Haha! Okay then... and so, the quest to buy a big cowboy hat, chaps, and an axe begins!!!