Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Next year will be better

That has almost turned into a mantra for me.... next year will be better. My life has been built on long term plans... someday when we have money. Someday when we have time. It doesn't happen. Money and time do not live in the same building. You have one or the other or neither, very rarely do you have both.

While I think it would be next to impossible for me to stop planning for way out there, far, far away, I believe it's time to have some short terms goals and plans. I need some gratification for now. I see other people do it. they say , "Oh we thought Cancun would be nice this year." and they go ! They do it!! HOW!! They can't ALL be drug dealers! Well, this is going to be something I figure out.

While I don't actually have any attachment to Cancun (They wear swimsuits there. I have no attachment to anyplace where you wear swimsuits) There are places where I DO want to go. I want to make the big trip of Ireland/Scotland and England once in my life. Kiss the blarney stone and poke a haggis with my fork. To have my friend, Dave, show me a real english pub. I want to go to Parelliland and get my mind right. To have the respite of an immersion study and to not have my brains keeping fifty different things in line. Even my goals for the little farm seem to be hanging way out there, out of reach.

But what about now? What are my goals for now? I don't know... I've got nothing. Suggestions would be welcome.



  1. Well, take out a big goal and break it apart into little goals. I posted a good site in my august goals section on my blog. I'll drop it in here too.

    I've found it has really focused my thinking. As a matter of fact, my first goal is complete and I was looking at what to do next and out it poped.

  2. Dear Louie, I have to say it again. I just love your blog. I wish I would be as good with words as you are.
    I don´t live in Scotland or Ireland but in Sweden. If you ever feel for a visit you are more than welcome to stay at our place! Sweden is very beautiful! And sometimes you can get really good deals for flighttickets :).
    Love Marion & Milva

  3. Peter, thanks for the website. I'll study that. Anything to improve focus!

    Marion, thanks for the invite!! I guess I never thought about visiting Sweden. I suppose that is because here in the States, Sweden is only known for tall statuesque blondes.. I guess I always figured that I could save money and feel bad about my looks here at home HA!


  4. hahaha...yeah people are pretty blond
    but trust me, sweden is one beautiful country! we live on the sea, opposite from us is denmark. google Helsingborg and you will see :)