Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Forward

I'm stuck! I'm beyond stuck. I'm like friggin', friggin' stuck! I need to come up with something to get me moving forward again. I know it is caused by just having too much of the unhappy stuff to deal with right now. Paying bills, calling lawyers, dealing with realtors and bankers. It is just too much.

I have heard it called "running through the brambles". The dilemma is... do you just go fast and get all cut up but make it through quickly or do you work your way through carefully, trying to minimize the damage. So far I have been trying to proceed with care. However, I think it might be time for a sprint. I have to move forward or we are going to suffocate in this mire.

It's hard. I really don't even want to look at these problems let alone pick them up and deal with them. But they are accumulating so if I don't take care of them then I won't ever be able to move forward. They are keeping me from building my life. So today will be the day that I run through the brambles. When I am done, I will go to town and buy myself some ice cream and an iTunes card. I will have earned it.

Then tomorrow I will reward myself by thinking about the best possible way to build gates! I love gates! Then I will walk to the back of the property and watch the grass wave in the breeze. I'll have my visions of what is going to come next. Visions of my fences and my arena and friends and their horses on my little farm, playing games and laughing. Then I will know that it was worth all of the brambles that I ever had to face.

All I have to do today is to move forward.


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