Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big hat women

I pay attention to what horse women wear. I can't help it. Some of that stuff just grabs my attention. A couple of years ago there was the slinky line of neck wear for horses and there came out a matching clothes line for the rider... also slinky. Almost lewd. Those barrel racing girls!

Then some of the more traditional garb seems to go with reining and western pleasure. It's still very Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Things are all sparkly and shirts have contrasting yokes that seem to match the horses gear. It's all very up town.

I've noticed that the Parelli gang have their own way of dressing. Basic. Dressed down but clean lines. Jeans, but never jeans so worn out that stuff is showing through (those barrel racing girls!!!) and they always wear a button up shirt. Chaps seem to be optional. I should mention here that chaps are known to myself and my friends as sex pants. Thats because of their appearance when you don't wear anything under them. (those Village People!!! They certainly made an impression on me!) The best part of the gear for gals , at least for me, is the hat.

Apparently gals arrive at Parelli land with their favorite head gear, whether visors or baseball caps or tattered straw cowboy hats, but as they go through the program, I've noticed that their hats get bigger. By the time they finish the intern program, these gals have got some big hats!! So, kind of in the back of my mind, I have the goal of being a big hat woman. I've picked one out. It's the biggest ol' hat I can find. If my horse doesn't spook at that hat, it won't spook at anything! It's a BIG hat!

I figure that by next summer I'll be in a medium hat. By the summer after, I'll be wearing my BIG hat! My big hat from SunBody hats in Houston Texas. They have a web site and just find the biggest hat there.... that's the one! Once I get myself a big hat, well, then I'm going to work on getting some sex pants.

It's good to have goals!


P.S. this one is for Kerrin and Stacey!

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