Friday, August 13, 2010

Inner Warrior Woman

Yesterday a friend sent me a short item from Facebook Notes called Inner Warrior Woman. I should have written it down... I believe the author's name was Cynthia Ryler The comments evoked as much thought as the original item. It has caused me to ponder just where my Warrior Woman came from. I think to some extent I chalk it up to racial memory. I don't understand all of the concept of racial memory, parts of it have been proven, but mostly I FEEL it. Sometimes it is almost like I can see the rank and file of women standing behind me. In some you see the strength of endurance. In others, the strength of battle. It's all very X-Files.

The first day I felt the Warrior Woman was the day that my first daughter was born. I think it went beyond bonding. I had always thought that I was the kind of personality that could never take a human life. But as I held this small being, something reared up in me, almost made me nauseous. It scared me because I knew that was no longer true. Then I whispered to her, "I will always keep you safe"

I didn't become a better person as the other two were born. I just discovered more dangers.

The Warrior Woman came back with greater strength when Mac was diagnosed with leukemia. I think she might have saved his life one day.

She brought not just her strength, but a design for the life that I am to be living. She drives me to be something more. To live better. To touch the soil. She found this land and brought me here and imparted the vision.

She was with me the day that my grand daughter was born. The day, where for a short while, we thought that both my daughter and the baby might die. My daughter's Warrior Woman showed up too. In surgery , when they placed Evelyn, my grand daughter in my arms, I whispered to her, "You are a Warrior Woman and you will be strong." I must admit, her strength is already becoming evident, though she seems to be a Warrior Woman who has a thing for pink fuzzy earflap hats. I don't get it, it must be some kind of an X-Files thing.


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