Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A few years ago, I bought a hummingbird feeder at the end of season discount sale and got it for $4.98. I took it home with the absolute best intentions. I put it away and promised myself that I would have it in the yard the following spring. That didn't happen. The year after it didn't happen either. Let's just say that for a very long time it didn't happen.

This year in July, I finally put it out. I figured that the hummingbirds would have all gotten their territories set and I wouldn't attract any. But I had spent $4.98!! and if I didn't try then I might as well have flushed that money. So I moved a garden hook up by the crabapple trees hung the feeder and waited.

It didn't seem like anything changed for the first week. Then I saw it out across the drive. Just a flit of light. I had to stop and stare. Well, maybe it was a hummer. Maybe not. Then I started watching for it. My biggest proof was that the level of the sugar water had gone down.

Then the time came for me to paint the arbor red. I had hummingbirds!! They were trying to eat out of every hole and bolt end that they could find. Out of guilt for enticing them but not providing anything, I went to the store hoping to find another cheap hummingbird feeder. Apparently, that doesn't happen until November, and I'm not paying thirteen dollars for a hummingbird feeder! So I went to the pet department and got a hamster waterer for $1.96. Took off the stuff to hang it on a cage and figured out a way to hang it from a hook. Adapting the waterer involved some twine, some electrical tape, and a red straw from a convenience store soda. The red straw covered the tubing on the waterer and that was all the direction the little nippers needed.

Holy Smokes!!! the next day we had three of these diminutive samurai battling over the new and unattractive feeder. Until you are close, you don't realize how amazing they are. They flit, they whirr, they attack and sometimes they just hover next to the window and watch you, watching them. As of this morning, there are now five.

Last night we had the opportunity to choose to watch such shows as CSI or Big Brother (the elimination contest was eating until you puked) or we could watch the hummers. We turned off the TV.


P.S. I'm going to keep working on my hummingbird feeders. When I get one that I think is up to snuff, I'll post a tutorial on making it. I mean really! Thirteen dollars for a hanging jar! I get really tired of that crap!

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