Saturday, July 31, 2010

The New To-do

I spent some time re-prioritizing. Some things I still really want to have accomplished before snow flies. Some things can go to bed until next spring. It pains me to say that however. Kind of like announcing that I'm a quitter. But then who knows maybe a miracle will occur and things will get finished none the less.

The most important thing I can do this autumn is find and install an alternate heat source. The electric company is running it's own version of piracy plus I do live in fear of every icy limb between us and the power source. Self sufficiency is the motto!!

I still want the out door kitchen before winter. I cannot shake what it will be like to sit out there in late autumn and watch the fire in the fire place. The hard part will be the posts and crosspieces. After that it can go back to being a one man show. I can do this!!

I MUST get the Hobbit House footings taken care of while we are in the dryer fall season. That way next spring I don't lose all of those man(woman) hours battling water and collapsing earth. It will just be a cut and dried matter of go and build! The grand kids will be at a good age to enjoy it next spring.

Of course I have to get the garden put to bed. This one makes me sad.... I so screwed this project up this year. All for the want of a greenhouse! Oh well!

After that I need to re-stack the building materials. Get them tarped up better and farther from the house as all that stuff is a boon to the mouse population.

So that is it for the house/homestead area.

On the farm side of things...

Number one is build a round pen. I'm striving for cheap and cheerful on this project.

Number two is hay storage and run in shelters.

Number three is to get my forge home.

The last front is me.... I need to feel like I have some personal accomplishments.

I promised Stacy from Parelli that I would improve. So I want to achieve my level one. Goal is to not exceed three months. Fingers crossed.

The business absolutely MUST get going!! I need money!

I have continued to get better since my immune system crashed and I developed reactive airway disease. This place seems to have a healing effect for me. I'm going to end up with really bulgy muscles like Popeye.

There ya' go! the abbreviated list of what must happen this fall. I can do this... the worst part is over.


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