Monday, July 25, 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend we went on a small family trip. It was the girls somewhat belated father's day gift to Mac. Youngest daughter Bevin and her family couldn't go, but the other two girls hosted us on a really nice trip to St. Paul, MN. We went to see the Tut exhibit at the Science Museum.

It's an interesting thing to go and see evidence of a family life that existed three thousand years ago while partaking of the same with a two and a half year old. Considering that she had just finished a four hour car drive strapped into a very small seat, she did remarkably well. She was extremely perturbed that she couldn't touch the stone faces. But then we got interested in looking for the broken bits. "Oh look Evelyn! that one's arm is all gone!


"Look at this one... they had to put something under him because his foot is gone."


"Look at this one.. His nose has been broken all the way off."


Then we got to a smaller statue in the corner. It was a yellowish alabaster stone about two foot tall.

"Look Evelyn. See the man? He's holding his little girl on his lap."

I held her up so she could see better and her little face got a very serious look.

"That's the little girl?" she asked.


"Daddy's holding the little girl" She said in her very matter of fact way and suddenly ancient lives were very real.... very relevant. As I held her close her look became serious... "I have to go potty."

Some things do not change, no matter what millennium you dwell in.


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