Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

The heat wave continues. So far we have held out against installing the air conditioner. The darn things get moldy so quickly then I have a worst time breathing then I do with the heat. A few more days to go and things are suppose to calm down a bit. But it does make me think about global warming. We are in the violent weather phase. Later will be the drought and extreme heat. No way for a species to die. I think about my grands, Edgar, Evelyn and Oscar .... then I go plant trees. Then I chase deer away from them.

It also makes me think that non environmental politicians should be shot. Not dead, but with a big ol' tranquilizer dart in the ass. Every time harmful legislation is coming up.. out comes the tranquilizer darts. Legislation doesn't pass. The plan is still in the feasibility stage.

We did have a break from the heat when the kids took us to see the Harry Potter finale on Saturday night. We watched it at an Imax dome theater. That was a first for me. Mac had to close his eyes to keep from getting vertigo during some of the flying scenes. Not me. Made me wish I had my own broom stick... the good kind, not the kind you sweep with.

For me, the high point of the evening came after the movie. When the girls posed in their own dueling display in front of the giant Voldimort/ Harry Potter standee display in the lobby of the theater. Michal lay in a mock death pose on the ground while Bevin wielding the wand and Katie was clicking pictures with her phone and getting them immediately posted to Facebook. Sometimes I am so proud of my children. Moments like this when you know that everything will be okay after you're gone.

Everything will be just fine... we just have to survive the heat.


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