Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I try very hard to not be political on here. Today I can't help myself. I am so frustrated over things I can do nothing about. Mac was reading some statistics to me the other day concerning wages. It used to be that from the lowest paid employee, usually the janitorial staff, to the highest paid, the CEO. The CEO would make approximately 50 times the wage of the janitorial staff. Now the CEO draws approximately one thousand times the wage of the lowest paid employee. That is just wrong.

The rich whining about paying taxes! Really! They cry about taxes and say they have to pay at a rate of 70%. I doubt it. First they get their loopholes. Then they get deductions that regular folks don't get. Then they own properties that they hide under corporations names, under their children's names. Then depending on how they list their income, much of it is only taxed at 15% which is far below what the regular Joe on the street pays. Look around you! When you give rich people more money, especially corporations, they just lay off more people! This has been the pattern that they have followed for the last forty years. Don't give rich people/rich corporations money! The rest of us can't afford it.

Global warming exists... quit treating people like they are stupid. Even if there was a remote possibility of the destruction of many species, including the human one, as a result of the damage created by greed, wouldn't you stop and rethink your policies? I mean even if there were the smallest chance! Yet it has been proven over and over and the corporate world is unwilling to put the brakes on, even in the slightest degree. No, let's break every law there is to get that coal out of the ground. Let's pump every toxic chemical we've got in the ground to push out a wee bit more natural gas! I'm starting to think that the EPA ought to be able to put CEOs in prison. Maybe that will cause a shift in thinking.

The other day we were watching a talk show and the host said that over fifty percent of americans believe that the best days of our country are behind us. I do not doubt those numbers from what I see around us. We are no longer a nation of strong individuals struggling for the individual. It seems that somewhere along the line we have become ..We the corporation, for the corporation and by the corporation."

It really is just too much to bare. Sorry I had to get that off my chest.


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