Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still Hot

Currently, it is dangerous to be outside doing very much in the way of physical labor. I have gotten some mowing chores done. A little bit in the garden. LOTS of water hauling. Altogether too much thinking. Too much feeling like a failure lately. But I have to say that I did come up with one thing that I must say is BRILLIANT!!! I have come across the perfect password program for those needing increased security. This wouldn't work for the pentagon, mind you, but for the person running a web site store, it's perfect.

Step 1. go to a garage sale and pick up an old book. The more insignificant and obscure the better.

Step 2 Input the first three to four words from your book as your password. Use symbols or numbers to denote the spaces between the words.

Step 3 Next week when you change your password, cross out the words used and go to the next four or so words.

Step 4 Continue this process ad infinitum, or at least through the prologue.

This will give you a password guide that could last you the rest of your life.... depending on the size of the book.

I think I would want to find a book that started with..... it*was!a#dark^and stormy&night.

I also think I might have come up with a faster way to get a baby quilt done. Need to try that out. Over all the heat is making me terribly restless. I will try to work on my "thinking" projects but I am longing to get outside and create a physical change. Something I can see and touch. The weather man says that there will be another three days of the heat. I hope I don't keep thinking so hard for the whole time. My brains are aching!

Maybe my next great thought will change the world.. hopefully for the better. And when I win an award, I won't think I'm a failure anymore.


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