Friday, July 8, 2011

Rampant Brains

It is at least eighty degrees out and it is only ten in the morning. The humidity is skyrocketing. Like an idiot, I'm sitting here and drinking coffee and sweating. I can't seem to settle. My brains are darting about like mad. I'm getting a headache. Thinking so much that I can't think straight.

I had started the summer out thinking that I could by pass the to-do list and just manage things as I could and that all would be fine. That doesn't seem to be the case. There is just TOO MUCH!! I'm completely forgetting projects and then they are coming back to me and giving me a startle when I realize it is too important to be forgotten. I am wallowing. It is affecting my f***ing cheerful demeanor.

There is a process we learn in Parelli that I am probably not good enough at, but it works with most hurdles in my life. It's called ..Isolate ...Separate .... Re-combine. I try to take everything apart when dealing with problems. I try to take everything down to bite size. There's still just so many bites!! But life really only consists of two modes... trying and wallowing. Wallowing doesn't work out , so I'll keep trying. I'll probably cuss and bitch for awhile. That's okay as long as my actions are positive. My attitude will catch up eventually.

So then.... today I will make my to-do list once again and try to get my mind to settle down a bit. ( My head is feeling really crowded and I have to wonder how people with multiple personalities manage it! That must suck!) Time to switch to ice water, put on my holey tee shirt so I get air movement and get myself to work.


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