Sunday, July 10, 2011


The ultimate to-do list has been made and put into an organizational format. I'm sure I missed some stuff, but it will surface later. I will list what I have so far. If you'd like, print it off and follow along at home. Cross items off the list as I finish projects. In effect.... feel my pain.
The four categories that we have to choose from are.... HOUSE .....OUTDOORS ...HORSES .... BUSINESS/FARM. Pick your playing pieces and give that spinner a twirl!

And you have landed on ... OUTDOORS!! (studio applause) Before the end of the game you will need to accomplish the following a shed
make an additional three garden beds
level an area and move the greenhouse frame onto it
take down old satellite dishes
build a screech owl box
build an outdoor kitchen consisting of 1. a fireplace, 2. a gas grill wall, 3. an oven
build garage
transplant ditch lillies to beds surrounding the L.P. tank and to the wetlands
build hobbit house and finish the play yard
start terracing the garden
move and raise TV antenna
continue mowing back grass for hay field expansion
continue driveway drainage tube and cover with gravel
build outdoor shower
Thank you contestant no. 1, you've been a great sport!

Now for our next player. ( Amid great applause) Oh my, listen to that. You've brought some fans with you! And the spinner has landed on....BUSINESS/FARM! lucky you! and you're first task will be to
sew a baby quilt by July 16
finish prototype for the jumping pony christmas ornament
web page
design logo wear
sew christmas stockings for sale
make a video of building the hobbit house
package the scrap book ornament
create five items of garden art
make some hydro tuffa planters
finish second small quilt.... and now to the farm items!
make final decision on and order plants for hedge row
order app. 300 hazelnut trees
organize and start grow containers for 100 blue spruces and 100 sugar maples
clear sufficient undergrowth in woods to accommodate 15 mushroom beds
order morel spore
build evaporator and shed for processing black walnut syrup
That was really wonderful player no. 2!

Oh my! I'm absolutely atwitter as we wait for contestant no.3. Isn't this exciting folks?! And our third player has gotten the category of ....HOUSE! Goodness gracious I can hardly wait to see how this ends! And here are your tasks!
build a built in oven cabinet
build 2 behind the toilet wall cabinets for bathrooms
finish the loft flooring
2 built in cabinets south side of loft
finish upstairs bathroom sink
paint exterior trim
apply metal lathe
apply masonry scratch coat
finish last two pieces of soffit trim
caulk trim
build deck for loft egress
build downstairs bedroom wardrobes
finish dining room buffet
solar collectors for south facing windows
get a storm door for the deck door
fix roof ridge
build 2 kitchen shelves
install post support adjacent to kitchen
tile downstairs shower
small floor cabinet for downstairs bathroom
finish interior window trim
build pantry
Oh my that was an exciting round!

Now player no. 4 you will get the category of HORSES by default. Now this may not be as long of a list but the items do have a great deal of detail. Also keep in mind, that more then most of the items in the previous categories, it is important that the majority of these items be finished before winter. There is some pressure here. Good luck player no. 4!
build a honeycomb set up of round pens consisting of one 40 ft. pen, one 50 ft. pen and two 70 ft. pens
build two run in sheds
build a cistern to catch surface water
pull fence posts from original position
build new fence with long run measuring app. 2000 ft. two short sides consisting of 200 ft.
build a small barn consisting of two smaller buildings with a connecting breezeway roof
assess and pass your Parelli level one
assess and pass your Parelli level two online

Now while we are waiting for our players to accomplish their tasks, lets go have a margarita! And thank you everybody for playing! Bye-bye!

Gosh! that was fun!

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