Thursday, July 7, 2011


This morning I have been trying to figure out what I'm doing exactly, as far as the little farm is concerned. I've got so much happening in my head, that I feel a need to shake it all loose and see where I'm really at. I'm trying to get so much done at one time that I've freaked myself out a bit. A lot of things have been freaking me out lately. So, I'm going to do what I do with my quilts.

First, I vacuum the floor really well. Then, I start laying out the pieces on the carpet. Making sure I didn't screw up any blocks and that everything is situated where I want it. Judge the over all size and determine if I need another row of blocks or maybe a border. In general, I fuss and fidget with it until I'm happy.

I'll skip the vacuuming for now and just commence with the fussing and fidgeting...

We'll go chronologically though the year starting in February and March. It will be hopefully starting the freeze/ thaw cycle and it will be time to get the seed down on the pasture. The freezing and thawing action in the earth works the seed in, I'm told. Then it will be sap time. Once the sap run is done which seems to last from three to five weeks, then it should be time to start seeds in the greenhouse. When I get some sheep, it will also be lambing time. Shortly after, it will be shearing time. Right about then it should be time to harvest the morel mushrooms and get those sold or dried. Then get my plants into the garden and place tunnels over everything. When I have my grapevines in, this will be time to prune. Then I should have a bit of a lull where I can get some chicks started, do any fence repairs or extensions that I want and possibly start processing my fleeces. Then it is hay season. I have mostly cool season grasses, so when the hay is done, the garden should be starting to give. It will be time for making jelly and canning for winter and in general "putting up". Harvest the grapes and get them to the winery. Harvest the hazelnuts. Pick apples. Summer will be winding down so it will be time to make sure all is right with the animals. Make sure they have a bit of fat on them. Butcher the chickens that aren't being kept as layers. Evaluate the flock. Sell ram lambs to other breeders. Anything that doesn't sell goes to the butcher. Decide which ewes will be kept and sell the rest. Make sure I have enough hay and feed for animals being wintered over. Make sure ewes are bred. Final inspection on buildings so I know we are safe and sound for winter. Spread manure on pasture before first snow fall.

That's the way it should fall. I tried to get products and cash crop decisions made so that as soon as one thing is over another would start. I don't want to have multiple things happening at once since I am pretty much on my own. I'd like to add bees in there as well but I will need to get some help with that, as hives are very heavy. Possibly feed out a couple of hogs for personal use.

Overlapping all of this will be working with my horses, hopefully hosting clinics and rides, and also possibly renting space for weddings. All of these bits and pieces need to make at least $25,000. per year. I don't know if it will all add up. I will go do my farm math and try to not be optimistic with my numbers. I need reality but really hope that reality will be on my side this time. I really hope this can work out.


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