Thursday, July 8, 2010

Half way marker

I am obviously a distance runner. I feel like I am just now getting moving on my projects and today is the half way marker. I do feel like I have accumulated some momentum. I'm picking up some speed. ( Oh God! I hope I'm picking up some speed.) Two items have been crossed off the list. I crossed them so thoroughly with a Sharpie marker that I can't tell what was written there, and I have forgotten what they were. I have fallen into the trap of having one task lead onto another tangent and I find myself working on things that aren't on the list. They are just associated with a task on the list and as you know, one thing leads to another... to another... to another ... and before you know it, you've lived in a house twenty years and you're still turning on the cold water in the upstairs bathroom with a vice grip, because you haven't had time to install that new handle you bought nineteen years ago. Now where did you put that?

Today I am hoping to finish two projects. If the humidity clears off and the stain and polyurethane can actually dry it will be a great help. I have inadvertently added staining two more upper cabinets and building a new bathroom storage unit to the list. It was an accident. But I have a strategy for coping with it. The inadvertent stuff I won't add to the list until I finish it. THEN I'll add it and immediately cross it off. It will make me feel better about myself. If I add a task to the list too soon then the volume of work just becomes overwhelming. I don't want to be overwhelmed. It makes me cuss.

I also have added a fourteen inch wide shelf that has to be built and stained etc. before I can continue in the kitchen. There is no such thing as a fourteen inch wide cabinet in the unfinished cabinet section of the home improvement stores, and I couldn't afford them even if there were. But it's a shelf.... I can manage that. It might be a good thing. That much more practice before I tackle the big building project...THE WALL OVEN CABINET!! That thing has been scaring the beejeebers out of me for a year now. It's time to face my fears. BUT FIRST, I have to make the shelf and the bathroom cabinet .... neither of which is on the list.

See how I am!! You can just bank that I'll be cussing today!


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