Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In a previous blog entry (Just keep Moving), I wrote about the vultures here. They seemed to be a permanent part of the summer landscape. Only about a month ago, I had a vulture circling me, then as it came round in front of me it dropped low and buzzed me. It was approximately ten feet from the ground and thirty feet in front of me. It was creepy. Whenever I walked into the yard, the vultures gathered.

Then right before Mac was off to Seattle, we discussed some changes to be made. One of the changes was to paint the front door and the arbor red. I knew I wanted some red in the door area as it was on the south side. According to a Feng Shei (Feng Shui? Feng Sheu? Hell! Spell check doesn't know either!) anyway, according to the ancient asian method of bringing order and good fortune into your home you needed red on the south side of the house, best place being a door. That's all I really know as I flipped through the book and didn't buy it. Mac just liked the color and I was grasping at "good luck" straws.

So, off he goes to Washington! And I got started with the arbor. It still isn't quite done but there is a large amount of red out there none the less. Then the weirdest thing happened. The vultures left. They were replaced with hummingbirds.

So, today we are off to Iowa City for Mac's monthly visit to the oncologist. They will be doing a bone marrow extraction/biopsy. Today the thought that I will try to hold on to is that those omens of death are gone. They are replaced by unbelievable lightness.

I choose to believe and my perceptions are, that we are going through some very good changes.


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