Friday, July 23, 2010

More planning

It is another hot and humid day. The weather patterns have changed since I was younger. Well, not even that much younger. Everything feels different then it did just ten years ago. It leaves me...... apprehensive. The last summer that was like this with the early heat and air you could chew, we had a cool August and an early winter. I mentioned this to some friends recently. When you have an early winter that stands out in the mind of someone from Michigan, then you know it was an interesting winter. So, I intend to plan.

First item on the agenda... alternative method of heating. Solar collectors will be at the windows if I can get them built. These are just a passive heat exchange contraption referred to as "heat grabbers." But you still need something for night time. so I'm looking at home made out door wood furnaces. Every design I find though is water/boiler based. I'm having trouble finding one that is just hot air designed. Wished we had a wood burner inside but Mac vetoed that idea from the beginning. I'm also trying to read up on home made windmills and solar collectors that would store enough energy to run the electric heaters at night. This is going to be an uphill battle. (sigh)

Then there is the shelter issue. I have to have a couple of run ins built for the horses. Strange enough, Pip will go through fences to get away from Chloe, the pony. Once she has her own space I think a string could probably contain her... or in this case, a non-functioning electric fence. So, once again fencing becomes my enemy. I'm trying to think like a pioneer and look around me and ask, " What can I do with what I already have?" Mostly, my brain gets tired. I really, really need a chain saw work crew for a weekend. Apparently you need to live in Minnesota, or Michigan or Wisconsin to have those kinds of people around. (sigh)

I'd like to get a functioning greenhouse or high tunnel to provide food for the winter. I probably should just jump right into ...(sigh)

Oh well, It's all going to wait for me.. at least, for awhile. I think that right now I need the comfort of my ponies. Maybe head down into the woods. Maybe I'll get a fresh idea. I always have ideas. I always plan.


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