Monday, July 12, 2010

I can see the finish line!

My marathon project time is almost over. On Wednesday I'll post what I got done. As per usual, I am disappointed in myself. But I knew I would be going in. It is a huge list and I didn't get it done. The two tasks that meant the most to me were the outdoor kitchen and the arbor. Those are the largest and most technically difficult items on the list. That probably says something about my personality.

It always feels good to get a job done. It feels even better to get a hard job done. The house and everything has felt like a very long, hard job. It will be such a relief when it's done and I can move on.

I always have so many projects, so many thoughts fighting their way to the front of my brain. I've got so much to do. As soon as the house is finished, I have to find a way to make money. I have a farm to develop.... a very tiny farm to develop. I NEED to reach a level of excellence with my horsemanship. I have a beautiful life to construct and it is all waiting for me to finish the house first. I suppose what it boils down to is that I promised my husband a new house. This will be a promise fulfilled. When it's done, I can chase some promises that I made to myself.

There is another promise that is important to me. It's the only promise that I never kept to my daughters. I promised them a tree house. I'm running late on that one but you know what they say.... better late then never. They will be able to play in it with their own children. Because I always keep my promises.


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