Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yesterday was a total wash. Almost the whole day was wasted. And I found out that Mac's arrival day is a day earlier then I thought. It really puts the pressure on to make every moment count. Only four items on the ultimate to-do list have gotten crossed off.

I'm trying to not feel dismal about this. I keep telling myself that there is still hope. If I knuckle down I can still accomplish great feats. I just need a good pep talk and some tunes. I always get more done when listening to tunes.

Even though things aren't crossed off, I've done a fair amount to get things closer to completion. Some things are terribly close. I just have to think about that stuff. The good stuff. That reminds me of that kind of awful movie of Kevin Costner's. No not Waterworld, the other awful one.... The Postman. I know it's awful but I still like it. When the postman rides into town with his lies and tells everybody that there is a reorganized United States and Congress is meeting in the the stadium where the Packers used to play. And he tells the people that President Starkey has a new national motto .... "Stuff is getting better"

That will be my motto.... my mantra, at least until next Tuesday when I hit my deadline. Stuff is getting better. Stuff is getting better. I'm inching my way to my better life. I've been slowed down but I haven't been stopped. It was a bummer day. It's over. I move on.



  1. That was a perfectly fine movie, and I liked waterworld too! I'm not sure why everyone hates Kevin but....the reviews do seem to be in.

    BTW, the book "The Postman" was also interesting and gives a different perspective. I had read that a few years before the movie.

  2. Yeah! Quit beatin up on Kevin Costner!

  3. Actually I love Kevin Costner. I also think he has a nice ass. However I think it was his charm that carried the movie"The Postman" I like that it is amovie about how one person can create change.