Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pancakes revisited

I've mentioned before that I have a great love for pancakes. It is a comfort food extraordinaire. A truly good pancake can stand alone. They're good with butter, confectioner's sugar, any number of fruits and compotes, chocolate chips, pecans or my recent discovery... Lyles's Golden Syrup!

This last weekend, my daughter took me to breakfast at a diner in Ames. They are famous for their huge, yellow pancakes. I was told how people come from all over the state to eat a pancake there. The place is fun. It's an old school diner with wood paneling and kind of a seventies rec room feel to it. The coffee cups are very large, like they should be, and have advertising on them. When our pancakes arrived they lived up to the press. They were huge. One pancake filled one of those old oval white diner plate/platter kind of dish. It was definitely yellow. The syrup on the table was real maple syrup, not the industrial corn syrup goo. I got my pancake decked out with butter and syrup and took my first bite. It was good. It was very good, but it still NEEDED the marriage of other flavors. I added more syrup. They weren't as good as my pancakes, and then I realized......


It isn't just about the ingredients. It's about the technique and the respect that you must have for what the ingredients can do. Either my taste buds are demented or I make the best dang pancakes that I have ever tasted! I've been thinking about it for three days now and I am leaning towards the best dang pancakes scenario. I'm tellin' ya'! They're a trip to heaven on gossamer wings! (I've been wanting to use that line for some time now)

You know a person should be able to do something with this kind of power. Not to worry, I only use my powers for good!


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