Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yet another fortune cookie

Last night as I was getting ready to call it a day, one of my fortune cookie fortunes somehow got caught in a breeze, wafted around in front of my face and landed at my feet. I considered this a sign. The fortune cookie read, "You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course". Yeah!!! some good news!

Day one was actually just half a day, so I was disappointed in myself. But the first days project was taken as far as I could take it right now anyway. And, that was doing a bunch of earth moving by hand and trying to get an area clean flat and ready for grass seed. I won't be able to seed until fall but I know that will come up incredibly fast. It always does.

Day two was marred by the mental battle with bills. I have decided that for right now I won't be trying to do it all at one time. I'll pluck away at it in smaller, less grueling bites..... at least for right now. But I also did some important contact work on the computer, and hopefully, as of today I have met some of the right people to get some things done. While I didn't get the arbor done, I did finally commit to the design I wanted. The posts were already in. They are now painted a brilliant, happy red. I'm getting some small supports up that will help me to hang onto the first crosspieces so that, hopefully I can get those screwed in. After it is together and solid I will go back and screw in a huge bolt. Aligning holes and getting the bolt shoved in while holding a six foot long 2x6 is just a bit much for me. So, in some respects, this day was altogether exciting, horrifying and a little short of the goal.

Today is day three in the great "Can She Do It?!" marathon. Today is back to basics.... I will be digging ... again .... with a shovel. The good news is that this is the last big digging day. It is for footing prep for the outdoor fireplace, oven and grill wall. Again final design has been elusive. But I can't be indecisive anymore, especially after about ten o'clock this morning. One hole has to be three foot by six foot by four foot deep. That 's for the fireplace, though it does sound like the perfect shallow grave. I do have to say here that you should never dispose of a body in an outdoor fireplace footing. Bodies do not provide proper freeze and thaw support... your concrete will crack. The project will need to be re-done and then the jig will be up. (moving on) The next hole will be for the wood fired oven and it will be three foot by four foot and four foot deep. Last hole will be the easy one, the grill wall, a mere 2x4 and four feet deep. This is a huge task today and it will mark turning a corner in the projects department. Hard to believe. If it is possible for all to go according to plan, after today, all my digging will once again be recreational.

The last I bothered listening to the weather, it was projected that there would be rain after midnight. I hope they stick to that. Have to say that it looks like it is clouding up already ....YIKES!! I guess it doesn't matter much. I have in door projects as well. Lots and lots of indoor projects.

Oh crap! Gotta run! I forgot the weed eater is out!


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