Friday, July 9, 2010

Float like a butterfly.....

That's what Muhammed Ali used to say... "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" That's how he described his fighting style. I'm reminded of this because of Wells Fargo Financial. My youngest daughter works for that division of Wells Fargo. They are dissolving, laying off, calling it kaput. And in typical big business fashion many employees found out about their job status change from the evening news. Classy!

There is no guarantee in life that you aren't going to take some serious hits. It's the nature of the process. What you can do is decide how hard the blow is going to land. You can stand there and plant your feet and take it in the gut. If you do, you'll go down. Or you can float like a butterfly. Pretty damn hard to punch a butterfly.

The trick to being a butterfly? Lighten up. Unload the unnecessary. Maintain and even nurture what is most important. More then ever take the time to enrich yourself and those who are teamed with you. Remember there is nothing that you go through that in some way, they don't go through as well.

I remember my Dad telling me once that the greatest revenge is success. That is how you let those who threw that obstacle in the road for you know that "they" are nothing. "They" could not stop you. You were born with qualities and talents that can now be revealed because you aren't being caged by "them".

You have no idea how strong you can be!! It's times like this when you call upon the warrior woman... and some of you guys might get a kick out of that. Feel her strength. Feel her balance, her spine. Feel the swing of the blade. Feel her draw air into her lungs. Then feel how the warrior woman "floats like a butterfly".


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