Monday, April 19, 2010

Time is money

Last night as we were going to bed, Mac said to me, "You know, I'll never be able to retire because you'll never be able to take care of me."

Well, he didn't say it in a mean way, or anything like that, the resignation in his voice was about as painful though. I have always held the hope that somehow I would come up with a brilliant idea that would make us loads of money and we could breathe easy.... someday. The brilliant idea hasn't appeared quite yet. I haven't won the lottery either. The idea of being mortgage free in five years is starting to sound pretty "pie in the sky" about now.

I did have a skeleton of a plan. My wee home business would take off. The first money that I made would pay off credit cards and get me ahead on taxes. Don't want to piss off Uncle Sam. Then a couple of extra payments on the mortgage to have a lovely, safe, puffy bumper. Then pay off the truck. At that point, Mac could look for a car. Something that the grandkids car seats would actually fit into, preferably an electric or a hybrid. Then that would become his bill and I would, miraculously, finish paying off the house. And while accomplishing this miracle, I would play with my horses and plant trees and take up causes and in my down time, I would have bonfires, because we like bonfires.

But it is a very hard thing to create a home factory. It's painful to turn out the same thing over and over so my answer is to create more art pieces then run of the mill but that's hard too. There's just so much to do. It's hard to tell what the most important thing is, on any given day. Anything that gets neglected today, might take over tomorrow. Prioritizing is a tough thing in the spring. The outside beckons. Inside, I sew and cut and trip over 2x4s. I make plans. They aren't good plans, because every time I try to make detailed plans Mac goes back in the hospital or gets sick or, in general, scares the bee-jeebers out of me. So, I have plans where step one is... make a bunch of money. Yup!, It's a tad vague.

Oh God! I MUST be an optimist!


P.S. Just in case all of my eclectic, hairbrain ideas DO fall into place, keep your eyes peeled for a small collection of children's stories, a collection of cabin plans, a short line of renaissance clothing and custom made portrait/personalized quilts. Yes, DEFINITELY an optimist!

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  1. Hi Louie! Boy have I missed you!!! I am so glad Angie posted on her facebook page about your blog! Hang in there, we are all battling the money whoas. I am trying to keep from selling Fate and keep Uncle Sam happy. I will keep thinking good thoughts your way. You built your house, you can get through this too!!! Hang in there!
    Love & Hugs,
    Laura Elliott