Friday, April 30, 2010

Is romance dead or do I just have gas?

I've been on the old movie kick lately. I like old movies. They had a different attitude about romance and who was allowed access to it. They had the "every man". Every man was portrayed by geeky looking fellows like Jimmy Stewart, toughs like Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy and the willowy Fred Astaire.

A Fred Astaire tune keeps going through my head. "Just the way you look tonight", it reminds me of slow dancing in the kitchen. Mac and I used to slow dance in the kitchen. It could barely be called dancing, but it would definitely be slow, especially with three little girls hanging onto our legs and wedging themselves between us. Then there were the slow dances in front of the stove. Mac would be home from work and trying to see what I was fixing for supper. The best was late night old movies. Going into the kitchen and having a slow dance and breaking some ice out of the trays and pouring a couple of cokes and being back in front of the tv before the commercials were over. It wasn't exactly black tie. I was in an over sized man's shirt for jammies and an old, equally over sized chenille robe. Mac had his sweat pants.

We haven't danced in the kitchen in a long time..

"Someday, when the world is cold, and I'm feeling low, I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight"

Every man's romance is still working before the sweat from labor has dried. Still works after chemo. Works when you don't see how it can go any longer. But it is always, always made better if you take those few moments to slow dance in the kitchen.

"You're lovely, with your cheek so warm, With your breathless charm. Never, never change. Won't you please arrange it, cause I love you, just the way you look tonight"



  1. Lovely! GH Ed and I have "our" song from the same genre: "I only have eyes for you." Slow dancing in the kitchen is the best:-)

  2. Fred Astaire was anything but WILLOWY!

  3. Sure he was!! He was just a short willow.