Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm still sick

I think I have bronchitis and a lesser woman would probably do something like, say, go to the Dr. But I'm thinking that if it warms up like the weatherman says it will, then I may just take a blanket and lay in the sun next to the ponies, and I will be miraculously cured. That's the good thing about ponies. It will be nice when I don't feel so bleary eyed. I keep looking towards the windows and thinking,"Oh look at all of the pretty colors!". It's kind of A.D.D. with a fever.

I'll just plan my way through it. Planning and ponies cure everything. I have about three more house plans that I want to get down while I still have my fever ridden faculties. I need to get more done in the garden. Some of the stuff that I got in a toot about planting died over our cold wet weekend. Oh well, we start again. It's early and I have a clean slate, except for the weeds, and at least the radishes are coming up.

I think I'll also put in a dvd of Parelli, Listening to Pat lulls me off to sleep. Yup, healing sleep! Planning, ponies and Parelli, that's the ticket. Then when I wake up I'll be ready to plant a new garden, plan a new house, maybe I'll invent something and get rich .... that would be nice. Then I would have money for.... stuff. Does anybody else feel hot?

Oh! look!... pretty colors.


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