Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 1

Well, I have finished my first day of my very first clinic. My brains aren't really sure what they have absorbed and what has sloshed out. I kind of feel like I've finished a day of finals and I am left with a case of wobbly brain.

Much of what Kristi said I have also heard said by Pat and Linda Parelli. I think sometimes it helps to know that it is in person and you'd better pay attention because you can't rewind or play it over. Or maybe it just sunk in this time. My great big Eureka! moment came when Kristi talked about the simple task of riding the rail. I knew Pat stressed it a lot. It's such a simple task that I just didn't GET IT. Then Kristi said that it isn't just a task it's a pattern and a moment later she said that horses are pattern animals. Now I have understood a great deal about the patterns that I have been exposed to, and much of it is about laying a foundation and then building the complexity. In my head the complexity was about going from the ground to the saddle or making the pattern more difficult like moving from a figure eight to a barrel racing pattern. But today it was as if I saw it for the first time. The need for a pattern being hardwired into the mind, the psyche, the well-being of a horse. When things start to go south, give the horse a pattern. Something as simple as following the rail and the horse can settle and realize, all is right in my world, like giving an infant a pacifier. The pattern can be a method of soothing, a tool for calm.

Now that I have committed myself to this reasoning, I hope someone doesn't come up to me and tell me I'm full of crap.

Another thing that I heard repeated today..... "green on green equals black and blue". Well, I'm green and Pip is green, so I went ahead and invited Kristi to my funeral. It just seemed the Miss Manners thing to do. Maybe I should have mentioned that she can feel free to bring a guest and that food and libations will be served. I hope they get a good band!!

Okay!, so maybe I shouldn't joke! I am very aware of the problems that can be involved with everyone being "green". But this is my dream and I have waited too long to chase it. I've already got a bad back and a gimp in my knee. I cannot risk slowing down anymore than I already have. Just you watch, I'm going to make it yet! One of these days I'll even have the pictures to prove it!



  1. Glad to hear it is going well. Cant wait for MORE notes!!

  2. Hey Guys! thanks for commenting. I shall have to do some mulling before I come forth with more details. I took notes! just hope I can read my own writing and that the thought is still gelled in my brains. Information has the nasty habit of scampering off.