Saturday, April 3, 2010

Evelyn's here!!

One year old grand daughter Evelyn is here. So, for a couple of days, my priorities re-organize. It's not exactly marching to the beat of another drummer, it's more like dancing to the tune of the Playskool softy serpent thingy. Evelyn likes to dance. She dances like a sumo wrestler. She has a charm and grace that is unmatched.

Speaking of grace... she has an incredible move that defies description. I refer to it as her monkey butt turn. She is neither up nor down but it gets her spun around. She is so deft at this move and it so natural to her. She has no clue as to why I am laughing so hard.

My house is cleaner because of Evelyn. She cannot walk past the broom and dustpan with out picking up the dustpan and bringing it to me. Then she refuses to be dissuaded from finding some dirt and sweeping it up and tossing it out the door. Okay, it's not that hard to find something to sweep up at my house. Kind of makes me look forward to when she is old enough to be polite about such things.

Sometimes she is just so happy that she has to stop what she is doing to clap her hands, then throw them in the air and to yell "Yeah"! Everybody should be so happy .... at least sometimes.

Apparently, iPod earbuds feel neat on a person's tongue. I will take her word for it. It's one Evelyn thing I won't be trying myself. Oh, and the monkey butt move, I won't be trying that one either. But for now, for these few days, I'll forget the to-do list and Evelyn and I will dance to the beat of a different softy serpent thingy.

Monday, we are back to normal. (sigh)


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