Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Over the hump

I still feel like poop but I do believe I am over the hump. I can tell because instead of wanting to lay quietly (except for the moaning), I have a definite desire to whine and bitch. Always a good sign. Today I am going to try and get my legs under me enough that I can go get on the riding lawn mower and put in some time. Nothing like fresh cut grass to make your head drain.

How is it that the grass in the front yard always grows about ten times faster then the grass in the pasture? That's just one of life's cruel jokes! And speaking of pasture, I need to get more fenced in. I am having trouble deciding WHERE to put the fence. There's just too many options. I could probably decide on the options if I weren't living in fear of the future. I try to not live in fear (please refer back to the movie "Strictly Ballroom"), but sometimes it just eeks in. The reality is that I may have to sell off part of the wee dream I have here. If I want to land on my feet, I have to think of the best way to arrange everything now. What stops me is that I don't want to think about Mac dying every time I look out at the fence. You know, if I could just win that damn lottery, this wouldn't even be an issue!!

While I'm spending that lottery money.... It would be nice to have a covered arena. It would also be nice to have tiered seating on one end, with heated seats, so people didn't get chilled to the bone and get sick when they visited. It'll be solar, of course. It won't be a steel building either. Every time I sit in a steel building, unless it's over ninety degrees out, I get sick!! Yep! that's me feeling better... that's me bitching.

Today, I think I want food. So, I'm going looking for food now. After that, I'm going to stash back some change so that I can get a lottery ticket when I am in town on Friday. Then I am going to plan a cool covered arena, a wee barn, some pasture runs, a cabin, an outdoor fireplace, a bridge......


"A life lived in fear, is a life half lived" S.B.

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