Monday, April 26, 2010

I feel like poop

This morning I really feel the effects of sitting in a cold barn for two days. My back is achy and I can't seem to push air through my voice box. Oh well, still breathing okay, just can't talk. Mac might find that a wonderful respite.

It felt so good to come home and see the ponies. Whenever I am gone I have disaster scenarios playing in my head. I knew I would pull into the driveway and Pip would be gone and Chloe would be gasping her last breath, on the ground, totally wrapped in wire and there would be a curl of black smoke rising from what was left of the roof of the house. Why do I do that to myself?!! I have enough adrenaline inducing events in my reality, why do I have to create fantasy disasters? Stupid over active brains!

What really happened is we pulled in the drive and as we came up the hill , I was asking Mac, "Do you see her? Do you see her?" We all know that repetition makes the other person hear better. As soon as we got to where the hay stack wasn't obscuring our view, we could see the glorious blonde. Park the truck, turn off the lights, turn off the engine, abandon husband and hustle out to the pasture. I hollered at them,"Babies!!" Chloe immediately started her shrill scream back, galloping and head tossing. It was kind of gratifying. Pip gave me some emotional distance, more of a ,"Who are you? .... Do I know you? ... ( extended pause) Where's my corn?" I don't think she is so much upset with me, after all that would be anthropomorphism, but I think the break in the schedule was a bit of a bother for her.

The house was intact... well, as intact as it was when we left. Bed was made and dishes done and the lumber was still stacked.

The next time I think Chloe and Pip should audit the clinic with me. My brains won't go stupid with worry and I'll have something, well, someone, to keep me warm. In the meantime, I still feel like poop so I am going to find the tylenol and head back to bed. Bed is a good thing..... I love my bed.


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