Friday, April 9, 2010

purple hat ladies

I don't know if this is strictly an american phenomenon or not. But there is a group of ladies that get together and are marked by the purple hats they wear. It is based on a poem where the writer declares that when they are old they will wear purple. They will be unique and quirky and to their degree, daring. These gals commemorate this thought by wearing purple hats and becoming conformists.

I have to wonder about this a bit. How much better would it have been if some one would have declared," When I am an old woman, I will stand up for the helpless, I will help to find a roof for the homeless, I will defend the underdog, I will speak up for what is right regardless of financial gain or loss. I will actually BELIEVE the best things in life aren't things, and I won't just put it on a plaque and place it prominently by my door".

But I don't think that would have become a popular mantra and it certainly doesn't improve with head gear. But when you are actually different, and don't require thirty other people to be different with you, then it's another matter.

God grant me the strength to be different.


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