Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Worm Sex

I was going through my seed catalogs the other day. I was going through the most recent arrival for the third time, when I spied a photo of these little white bundles. They were worm cocoons. How fascinating! I didn't know worms had cocoons... well, maybe they don't. Maybe they just find little worm babies and the seed company people put them into stasis in some artificial poly coated module that will eventually break down in the soil... which, if true, would probably leave a toxic waste residue. But I don't know about worm cocoons.

I know about worm sex. At our old house, I think I was about the only person on the block that kept an organic yard. I think all of the worms flocked to the sanctuary of our home.... though technically, I don't think worms flock, but you get the picture.

Anyway, I digress......

Worms are hermaphrodites, containing both genders and if you go out on a dark, warm, spring night you will find they are adept with both of them. It was weird and creepy to walk through the side yard where the ground was bare and see literally HUNDREDS of worms doing the nasty. I have often wondered how they manage it without communication. You would think they at least need to start out with one of them saying, "I'll be the boy and you be the girl and then, we'll switch...Okay?" Do they both leave their rendezvous pregnant? Or just one and the other has to wait until the next night? Do they just go lay the cocoon and then are ready to hit the bar scene again? There is a lot I don't understand. Is it the "head" end that is buried in the ground while the social end is out meeting new folks? I don't know, but when you think about it... the worm is the master of multitasking. It would make sense, when you consider worm function to be shaped like an "X". An end for being a girl, an end for being a boy, an end for eating and an end for pooping. Yet, it functions in a streamline form.... weird.

Back to my side yard.....

With having such a heavy population of earthworms, I learned quickly that they were out there and what they were doing. I also learned that it was hilarious to either clap your hands loudly or do a little jump and they could say, "Call me tomorrow" and suck themselves back into the ground faster then lightening. I'm telling you it was better then cable..... well, that, plus I'm easily entertained. Except for the time I almost stepped on the garter snakes in an amorous trio... OMG!! I wish i could burn that image out of my brain!

FYI... I really prefer my horses. But then, as usual, I digress....


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