Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have applied to be a Parelli Ambassador. I may not be far enough along in my horsemanship to earn that position, but that's okay. I would understand it and that would be fair. But I really, really hope I do get it.

Every spring I say, "This will be the year I accomplish....." First year, was to get some more of the finishing done on the house. I did get more done, but not all of it. Second year, was the stem cell transplant when the leukemia came back for Mac. Then there was the blur of time. I don't remember how long it even went on, so it is just "The Aftermath". Third year, I think, was trying to get ahead on the fencing and land development. This year needs to be about the horses and, hopefully, farm stuff that makes money. The year where all of the loose ends come together. This will be the year of my passions.

If I get to be a Parelli Ambassador, then I hope it will keep my mind focused on where it should be focused. A reminder. I haven't got another Parelli student close by that I can have horse days with, Someone to supply the support and focus, so I hope the working as an Ambassador will fill that role.... and create some Parelli friends in the area as well.

Sometimes I chide myself for being an old broad, with more then a few dings in the fender, chasing after my dreams and life goals like a twenty year old. I suppose on one hand it makes me a ridiculous person. But on the other hand, if I weren't chasing my goals, I would just be an old broad...... with more then a few dings in the fender. It would be a sin to die without trying. I have to try.


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