Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mac Has A Dream

Well, to be more exact, Mac has several dreams. He wants to retire with enough money to live on, which is why we have the goal of having the farm paid off in six years.... fingers crossed!!! He wants to be good at playing the guitar and banjo instead of just dinking with them. and the one dream that I might be able to do something about..... he wants to have an above ground swimming pool with a roof over it and screened in sides.

I spent too much time on the internet last fall looking for affordable above ground pools. Anything that seemed adequate cost around a thousand dollars and if I had that much money I would have to spend it on something else..... like bills or taxes. Not to mention my inability to deal with the guilt of having spent money, but on the other hand....Mac doesn't tolerate summer's heat very well and it was made worse after all of the chemo and radiation. The above ground pool felt like something I couldn't do AND something I had to do.

THEN there was a breakthrough...

Last fall a new farm store opened up in Indianola called Thiesen's. We were doing a walk through to see what they had. I found so much farm stuff I wanted that it was painful. Fencing supplies, of course. Pull behind equipment for ATVs... not that I have an ATV, but a person wants to be prepared. Then as we walked past the water troughs, Mac looked at the huge one and said, "Oh look! Our new swimming pool." He didn't have his joking face on. He wasn't laughing. So I asked, "Do you think it would work for you?" He replied, "I think it would work and it would be better then nothing."

So, I am making plans. I'm thinking of having a garage sale and see if I can scare up some money. Then Mac will get his above ground "pool". I'll need to buy a small pump/filter thingy and maybe one of those inexpensive department store screen houses that run around a hundred dollars. We will see what I come up with. I will just keep telling myself that this could turn out really cool. That will be my mantra.... the pool is cool... the pool is cool... the pool is cool.

And if it doesn't work out, I'll have myself a really awesome horse water trough.


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