Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turning Point

I think.... I hope... that we have reached a turning point. We were going over our finances the other day and if we continue on the same course, we should be able to end the month with something better then a zero balance. Not that I'm complaining. Zero isn't all bad. Zero is way better then a negative balance.

Fingers crossed that we can consistently end the month with a hundred dollar balance. This is going to open up some possibilities for us. I'd like to start a savings account again. I'd also like to stash back some money for Christmas for next year. It might allow us to pick up a few supplies.. Some boards here, a sheet of plywood there, a few bags of sack concrete. Hopefully as we get things done, it will allow us to implement projects that will continue to save us money. I am especially anxious to get a wood burning stove and some extra insulation.

To make this happen we will need to continue our austerity measures. We eat a lot of hamburger and chicken hindquarters. We might go out to eat once a month but it is usually Pizza Hut. The goal is for the meal to cost between twenty to twenty-five dollars. Mac will get a couple of bottles of cheap wine each month and they usually cost three or four dollars. We don't buy clothes very often. We use them up and patch them and use them up some more. We haven't had a credit card in two years, so if we can't afford to do something... we don't do it. Though if the kids want us to take part in a family activity they take us along on their own dime. That is a mixed blessing. I need to be with my family but I am tired of being a burden to them. Especially feel guilty about this as my splurges are horse feed and dog food and I am sure I spend too much on that.

But I think we are approaching a turning point. We are tentatively planning a little weekend getaway in July... I hope. I'm on pins and needles. It's scary to invest myself in the hope that our lives could start getting better. I feel like George Bailey at the end of the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life". George is on the bridge, in the snow. His hands clasped, bent, praying... "God, I want to live again. Make me live again."


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