Monday, January 2, 2012

And Then What Happened...?

What mayhem we had this year!!! I felt off balance throughout the christmas holiday. I think much of that could have been from getting sick right before the holiday. Nothing like fever, chills and a head that feels like it will explode, to kick off the holiday season.

But once on my feet, I was off and running. Mostly shopping, I did not do so well with my goals of present making. Even so, our entire christmas budget ran right around $350. We did not do much to add to the coffers of the CEOs or the mega-rich.... hooray!! Wrapping was accomplished in a day and a half and then we had Christmas at my oldest daughters. We got there early and I baked pies and sweet rolls. Isn't it too bad that cinnamon isn't an aphrodisiac? Really, it should be! Better then choking down raw oysters or pulverized rhino horn.... anyway, I digress..

I got my books that I wanted for christmas. Farm books!! I have even more ideas now! I think everyone was, if not overjoyed, at least content, with their christmas. Food was wonderful. There were no catastrophes at home. The house was intact, animals healthy and inside their fences. The cat, Pyewacket, was sitting on a stack of concrete block waiting for us. Everyone safe and sound was my ultimate christmas present.

Then we relaxed a bit. Grandsons Edgar and Oscar came to visit for a couple of days. Edgar and I did a great deal of tromping through woods, up and down hills and back and forth to the horses. I definitely worked off my cinnamon roll! This was topped off with an old friend coming for a visit overnight. He left us with some really nice lettuce and some smoked cheese and we sent him off with the rest of the breakfast scones.

Which brings us to last night. I had a dream......

A miracle had occurred. I was in Pagosa Springs, CO., at the Parelli ranch and I found myself trouncing up the hill, baggage in hand, with a group of other people. We were all excited and chatting away. Someone got us sorted out and baggage disappeared. We went into groups. Then Linda Parelli came and spoke to us. Then Pat Parelli followed up and we were invited to ask questions. We were all once again in a huge chatting crowd and heading out to a bonfire and cook out. I grabbed my hat while I was speaking to Pat. I put it on but it didn't fit anymore. Pat jokingly said that it looked like I needed to get that fixed as he moved on up the hill. I hung onto the brim but eventually the wind picked up and carried my hat away. When I turned to snatch at it...

I was in the hold of a huge cargo ship. It was flush full of fruit and vegetables. But the produce wasn't in boxes and crates and bins, it was all on display on big angled tables like a street market. People were everywhere. Venders shouting. Money and product changing hands. A boisterous riot of color and sounds and smells. Then I turned again....

The ship was empty. The tables empty. The people gone, except for one man. He was shouting up to the captain that we were heading into rough water. A storm was brewing. The captain shouted orders back. The only ones I understood were to tie down and brace yourself.

Then I woke up, with drool dried to my face and wondering just how far off track had I gotten. I pulled on some clothes in the changing light and went out to chore the horses. Which brings us to now. It seems that it is time to start again. I just have to find my hat first.


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