Monday, January 16, 2012

Sitting and Thinking

I had a high school english teacher, who had a poster in her room that said.... Sometimes I sits and thinks. Sometimes I just sits. That's me right now, just sitting and thinking. I'm watching the sun come up. It has turned the sky blue and the wafts of clouds are cotton candy pink with purple shadow. The bright colors of the sky make the black outline of the trees that much more stark.

I'm just thinking too much. Thinking too much about money. Thinking too much about politics. Thinking too much about the national economic conditions. How did so few get to have so much? And why weren't they happy just being so wealthy that they had to take over the government as well? Recently, I have heard comments that we no longer live in a "real" democracy. I don't know.

Getting out and doing some hard work today would make me feel better. Temperatures are suppose to plummet again.

Last week we went from forty- five to fifty degrees down to a minus fourteen degrees. Yesterday, it was back to fifty and we are to get to thirty five today with an overnight low in the lower twenties. It makes it hard to adjust... hard to know what to do and to stay busy.

Pretty soon I will go out and chore my horses. I will look at their great brown eyes. Listen to them blow and push their noses into their feed and for a little bit, I won't think. For a little bit, I will have calm and contentment will wash over me. This is my life in the least common denominator. This is where it all makes sense.

While I sit here and think..... I will be thinking how lucky I am to be here on my little farm, with my horses.


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