Friday, January 27, 2012

My Vice

I am such a boring person. I don't do much. I barely drink. No drugs. I don't gamble. I don't partake of lewd behavior... I may talk about it but I don't do it. And, I go out and have lunch with a friend about once every three years or so. My vice is that I'm kind of addicted to Coca-Cola. Then, when Mac first developed leukemia, I started reading everything I could lay my hands on about the disease and eating for a healthy lifestyle. Everything I found about prepared foods, about refined sugars, chemicals in packaging was pretty scary. I keep trying to be better.

This week I've given up my coke. I was actually surprised that I managed so well. I must have been ready for the change. I'm trying to drink more water. Eat right.... blah, blah, blah.

The good news is that my chronic pain is greatly diminished. Completely gone in my hands. The bad news is that I am so tired! I can barely drag myself around the house. Trying to run the vacuum seems equivalent to climbing Everest. The computer which has been my escape for so long now, seems like work. Tired, tired, tired.

Hopefully, I will get past this soon. After all, this is no way for a warrior woman to feel. I can't patrol my farm, my domain, from horseback. Running down evil doers, trespassers and the occasional stupid jerk. Okay, Okay, maybe my last vice is that I can't seem to shake the rage that has gotten ahold of me. I'll make my new goal to try and calm down some. So, I'll do my best to not run down ALL of the evil doers, trespassers and stupid jerks.


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