Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spa Day

Winter arrived last night. According to the local weather man, it will be here until Saturday. The weird winter continues. The cold arrived on the back of an incredibly strong wind. We get a lot of incredibly strong wind here on our hill. The wind is such a part of the place that the first consideration in anything concerning planting or animal husbandry starts with... "What kind of wind break will this need?" This kind of thinking is resulting in something of an old world blueprint for the farm. Barns and sheds will tend to be long and low. The perimeter, pastures, small lots and drives will have hedgerows, wind breaks or living fence.

But today the wind is the cause of something else... today, because of the wind, I am giving myself a spa day. Not the typical spa day of course, as most beauty products cause me to stop breathing, but a horseman's spa day. Chores first, of course. Then a long hot soak. Wash my hair, then curl up with a blanket at the computer and research yet more fencing, yet more sheds, read up on the toxicology of different forages. Put in my application to be a Parelli Ambassador. Then we will move on to the internet adoption site for the Bureau of Land Management. E-mail some of my horse friends and in general, do my level best to not think about anything today. Not thinking is really, really hard for me. The best I can hope for is thinking about the stuff that makes me happy. Friends, horses, my little farm.... and my claw foot tub.

The perfect spa day.


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