Monday, August 22, 2011

What Shall I Do Today?

I had a list of things that I wanted to get done today. It was all outdoor chores. Then this morning, we were awakened by a spectacular lightening display. Then a pause in the pyrotechnics for a sudden downpour, then the fireworks resumed. I have never lived anywhere that compared to the lightening activity here. The closest was one night when the family camped in the Smokey Mountains when I was a child. We were closer to the heavens that night, but lately it seems that the heavens have felt a need to be closer to me.

One chore that was slated for today was the laying out of the new fence line and round pens. I had it all figured out.... finally. There were just a few more lines that needed measured out. The twine was outside the door .. ready for me to snatch and pull between stakes to mark the line for the tee posts. I had already mowed access in the grass to begin the fence line. Today I was going to mow the round pen circles and get a feel for how they lay.

I was going to do the last measurements and find the center then mow a circle while I held on to a twine measured the distance of the radius. If there was time I was thinking of marking the four small round pens as well. Today was going to give me a sense of order and well being. I needed to feel closer to my goal, but then, the heavens visited.

I sit here and watch the continued dripping of the rain. Wonder about the possibilities of the day. What shall I do? I need to have something to show for my time. Winter will come and I fear I won't be ready.


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