Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm thinking...

I'm thinking about what I need to try to accomplish today. It isn't easy. I reviewed my to-do list but since that heads in so many directions, it confuses me more then clarifies. I think I will let crisis management take over. The horses need access to more grass... as usual, so I think fencing has to go to the number one spot right now.

I have a project in mind to get some fence up next to a row of hazelnut starts. This is what I hope will someday be a hedgerow. I think I have enough supplies to accomplish this one section. It will be a start and it will be the start that I want. So, post holes in the morning.

This afternoon I think I better get some weeding done. Things got away from me while I was auditing the horse clinic. Weed and mow and get after the bugs again. The little bastards relocated to a different tomato plant. So I'd better try another method of extermination. I think it will be picking and drowning in soapy water today.

I think the best part of today will be not having unbearable heat and working where the horses and I can watch each other.

I'm thinking, maybe, the best part of today will just be taking it slow.


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