Friday, August 5, 2011

Motivation.....what motivation?!

It seems that every time I get that much needed motivation then my life has to unravel a bit. At least, far enough that the motivation is lost. That's the way it felt after the Dave Ells clinic. It was one Eureka!! moment after another. I could see why the Parelli program unrolled the way it did. Thought I could even see the steps for the continuation of development. I felt so jazzed! then comes the emotional battering of a doctor visit. I know, I know.... a doctor visit should just be a doctor visit. Mac had only one more visit to go to be past his *magic* three year mark when they found that his leukemia had recurred. So a doctor visit for us is more of an immersion in angst. Plus we have had the general busyness of our two and a half year old grand daughter, Evelyn.

Typically, my hurdles have been enough to quell any motivation.

I think the heat wave may be over now and I think I have my big girl panties are cinched up just right. Mac is better. I possibly have two quilt orders. It rained pretty good yesterday so might be able to get out there and start digging post holes. Things could be just fine.

We could do this... really! I still have my motivation. I'm still pondering over everything that I have learned recently. I've learned new ways to do stuff. Not just horses but lots of farm organization methods. Brains are so full that I keep getting pressure pain in the right frontal lobe.

As long as I have my motivation....I can do this.


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