Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I had promised Mac that I would get up with him this morning, seeing how it was his first day back to school for the year and all. But I was sleeping so hard! Didn't hear the alarm at all. Finally woke up when he plopped on the bed to put his socks on. I was involved in a very complicated dream.

There was a manhunt involved. I was the person hiding said man and oddly enough it was Daniel Craig. EVERYBODY was hellbent on finding this guy. The only person to be trusted was the Dr. from the "other side of the tracks" All of the good and decent citizens were to be avoided at all cost. Somebody or perhaps a couple of somebodies had suspicions, because I was being watched. I had Mr. Craig stashed away, hiding under blankets and some debris when Mac came and sat on the bed.

So, I don't know how this is going to turn out. Perhaps he is there still, waiting under the blankets, waiting for me to come back and tell him the coast is clear. Tell him he can safely get away. Or maybe that story will just defuse ... dissipate into the cyberspace of my mind, like so many lost posts.

I tend to have some very complicated plots in my dreams. Do other people do that, or is it just one of my weirdness traits? Mac says he used to often dream of flying, which is funny as he has a fear of heights. I have only dreamt of flying once. I had a little trouble taking off at first.... probably my low center of gravity. Then when I got good I spied George W. Bush down on his patio strumming a guitar and singing. I swooped down and snatched his guitar and told the bastard to shut up. That was a good dream.

But it's time to wake up now. Time to get busy. Daylights burning. It'll be night again before we know it.


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